Fashion Freakouts at Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday Tour in Miami

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Nicki Minaj is a freaky fashion icon.

Her outrageous looks have earned her a line of limited-edition Barbies, a legion of gay fans, and the nickname #BlackLadyGaga. So it goes without saying that her shows are like runways for the DIY pop fashion elite.

Let's take a closer look at some of the daring outfits Minaj fans stepped out in last night as they showed support for Queen Barbz herself.

Nicki Minaj was really representing for the '80s last night, dressed to impress in about every pattern imaginable. She wore what looks like a comic-strip body suit underneath pink high-waisted trousers and a punk-rock yellow jacket. And take a closer look. Those aren't polka dots, they're studs! That bitch just did it on 'em like Hot Topic in the early 2000s!

Tanks are totally in this season, bro. And these guys know how to tear a shirt to pieces. Sleeves during summer are ridiculous. So cut those motherfuckers off and show us them sexy arms! Pair your totally crazy look with ripped-up jeans and some old-ass sneakers. All the pink-haired, punk-rock Barbies will be like, "Can't you hear my 'Super Bass'?!"

This little princess is all dressed up as Wifey Barbie, for the girl who aspires to grow up and have babies. She may be young, but she's out shopping for a cool Ken of her own. And what better place to find a would-be hubby than the Minaj concert! Straight dudes are into her, right?

We already know bros matching bros is super stylish this season, and these guys take it up a notch by personalizing it for the show! Notice how they mix it up by making their bro in the middle wear a different tee, while still keeping in line with the general theme.

This superfan could not be more stoked. He keeps his look simple, but adds a bit of fierceness with the vampire fang necklace. Let this be a lesson ... You don't always have to go over the top to let the world know you're a freak. A well-placed accessory can do all the talking for you.

Again, matching is hella trendy right now. And these girls did a fabulous job of personalizing their Pink Friday ensembles! Except for that girl on the right. Maybe they were fighting when they had the t-shirt party or something. She gets an E for Effort.

Badass bitches be rockin' tutus this summer. Their fluffy bottoms mixed and matched with their outrageous socks, stockings, and sneakers make these little girls Minaj-fashion masters! Don't overthink your combinations when trying to throw together a punky look. Nicki doesn't worry about clashing! And neither should you!

Finally, this pink and purple pussy is just purrfect! She keeps things interesting by splitting her colors down the middle and criss-crossing them down her body. She's like a cheeky checkerboard of seduction. Meow! That's hot.

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