Fashion Freakouts at Kaskade's Freaks of Nature Tour in Miami

See Crossfade's concert review of Kaskade's Freaks of Nature tour in Miami -- plus the full 50-photo slideshow.

Fashionistas the world over flock to America's EDM scene seeking inspiration and insight into new trends and hip styles.

Paris, London, and Harajuku hold their breath to see what our nation's young droves of neon furries will come up with next. And usually, it looks something like Europe circa '97.

Over the weekend, Kaskade's Freaks of Nature show at Bayfront Park's Klipsch Amphitheater was a treasure-trove of progressive and forward-thinking fashion dos. Like, turning your boobs into a beat-freaking butterfly on bad acid

Now let's take a totally serious look at these totally next-level style statements.

Jailbait is totally in this season, and these kids know it. Everywhere you looked, there was exposed underage tummy and entitled attitudes, like, "Yeah, I so know what's important in life. I've got it, so I'm going to flaunt it!" Remember kids, smoking does make you look older. Always pair your don't-let-daddy-see-you-leave-the-house ensemble with a pack of mentholated party sticks.

This painted lady has more swagger than clothes can contain. So she's letting it all hang out. She even turned her boobs into EDM artwork. This is conceptual couture. This is tasteful branding. This is the future.

Spirit hoodies are all the rage with the "It" generation of the moment. Nothing says "I'm here to party" like cute, unseasonably warm headgear paired with near nudity. She's not worried about getting too hot, because it can't get any hotter! Added fun bonus for showing off your inner spirit creature!

Adorbs fanny pack alert! These lil' crotch pouches are the best way to carry around your party favors, lighters, glowsticks and Vicks inhalers. Plus, they're just about the cutest thing ever. But remember, find your best side and stick that sucker right there. Don't ever wear a fanny pack in the middle, front or back. That just makes you look like a '90s mom on a family trip to Disney. And no one wants to run into mom at a rave.

Kandi kids have been around basically forever. The key to this look's staying power is the sheer amount of time it takes to make these bracelets. Once you've walked down that road, there's no turning back. While assembling your look, be sure to ask, "What childhood logos, color schemes, and craft materials would be totally inappropriate for someone of my age to put in their hair?" Another good rule of thumb: If it's tacky, do it!

Bros matching bros is très chic and handy as hell. You can get so drunk that you don't even know your own name or the frat house from whence you came. But just look down and then look around, and you can find your friends! It's a multi-purpose solution for your party-time confusion.

But ladies, anything bros can do, you can do better! Just peep these pretty little things, so delicious in their daisy-covered digs. We just want to pick you and smell you. But only before the party starts ... If the party is worth going to at all, you'll be wilted by the time it's done.

Outfits that scream "AMERIC-UH" are highly desirable. Flags on your titties make bitches salute! It's also useful for letting the DJ know which country he's in. Because he hasn't been sure of his own whereabouts for, like, a month now. C'est la vie!

Two tutu twins! Twice the fun, twice the assurance that these babes know how to dance! If you do pull out the pink, puffy bottom, make sure you do a little twirl so people don't think you're a ballerina poser. It's disrespectful of the art form to wear a tutu and not get up on them toes.

While some girls get all dolled and dainty, others go hard and gritty. This girl looks like a street-wear gangsta of love, and we want to roll with this fashion drive-by. Fake tattoos and a bandana are essential to pull this look off.

Finally, we have to give a shout out to these beautiful people. Wearing the shirt of the artist that you're going to see is the only way to let the world know, "I enjoy this music!" Anyone can buy a ticket. But not everyone can be redundant and oh-so-fly at the same time. Kaskade says, Thanks for the money!

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