Erika Jayne, Appearing at W Hotel's Pretty Mess Records Mixer March 11

It wasn't so very long ago that Lady Gaga was still an up-and-comer playing lots of nightclubs and hitting gay clubs like Score. Though some of us might have had a suspicion, her rise was hugely unpredictable. 

So that isn't to say we're expecting meat dresses and Gaga status for Erika Jayne in the next three years. But she's certainly making all the right moves. Her latest track, "One Hot Pleasure," recently hit the number one spot on Billboard's Dance/Club Play Songs chart. And it's hardly her first time there. All four of her previous singles have also hit achieved that lofty position.

Recently, the Southern belle-turned-dance diva took some time away from her busy schedule of gigs, recording, and keeping that rocking bod stage-ready to talk with Crossfade.

Crossfade: Your track "One Hot Pleasure" just went number one on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play. That must have felt good. But I understand it wasn't the first time.

Erika Jayne: Number five! Yeah. Five consecutive number ones. It feels pretty good.

Having hit number one on the dance chart five times puts you in select company, and this track actually surpassed the likes of Gaga and Pussycat Dolls.

It's nice to be in the company, like you said, of those great artists. You always try to make the best record possible, and hopefully the people like it, and I've been very fortunate that the records so far have been very well received. So that's exciting.

The first four came off your debut, Pretty Mess, which is quite a success for that production.

Thank you! Yeah, that was a really fun album to make. It was really great, and has done well for me, you know. And I'm really proud of "One Hot Pleasure" as well, and really just looking forward to the future, and to more great songs to dance to.

And your new EP is due out in spring? What can you tell us about it?

Yeah, we're working on that now. Recording and listening, and recording, and writing. And it's a fun process. The new EP will have great songs to dance to, some pop songs that will be fun just to listen to. And maybe a tearjerker or two. You never know.

You enjoy the performance aspect more?

There's nothing like giving a good performance. Having a crowd and getting all dolled up in your costumes and, you know, loud music and people screaming. People there to have a good time with you. That really is the most fun!

Well, you've got a show here in Miami this week. What can we expect?

My live shows are over the top glitz, glamour, and fun. Sexy, sexy, sexy girls. Great costumes. Fun music. Lots of stuff to look at. It's really a fun time.

Meet and Greet With Erika Jayne as part of the Pretty Mess Records Mixer. Friday, March 11. W South Beach, 2201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. The event begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 8. RSVP to [email protected]. Call 305-938-3000 or visit

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