Elton John's All the Hits Tour Got a Standing Ovation After Every Song in Miami

Elton John's All the Hits Tour

American Airlines Arena, Miami

Friday, March 6, 2015

Better Than: This is Elton John -- you decide!

It's no secret that South Florida has always held a certain lure for senior citizens. The warm weather, abundance of recreational activities, and popularity of early-bird specials make our environs a natural refuge for those who find winter to be an unnecessary nuisance.

Likewise, it's no wonder that many age-old rock stars opt to take their tours to SoFla during the nastiest, snowiest time of the year. The last couple of months alone have seen visits from Bob Seger and Billy Joel, with Fleetwood Mac and the Who on the near horizon. It's the equivalent of the snowbirds making their annual seasonal pilgrimage, the sun-tan oil and games of mahjong notwithstanding.

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Lee Zimmerman