E11even Miami: "We Are Already Planning Clubs for New York City, Las Vegas, San Francisco"

"It's unlike anything you've ever seen."

That's the latest ultra-confident boast from E11even, the new $40-million-dollar club that's set to launch this month at NE 29 NE 11th Street (AKA the site of the former Goldrush strip joint) in Downtown Miami.

Another sign of the development team's supreme self-assurance ... This so-called "upscale nightclub meets Cirque du Soleil meets international cabaret" hasn't even opened for business. And yet owner Dennis DeGori and his partners are already plotting a nationwide expansion of the E11even brand.

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Of course, the Miami location will come first. And it'll set the standard for any future E11even spinoffs.

"It will be very similar to a megaclub," DeGori says. "There will be the same level of elevated experience. And there will be Cirque-style shows."

And yes, "topless and nude entertainment" too. "Just not," the owner points out, "in the nightclub portion of the club."

However, despite being something like a "LIV with dancers," DeGori says that superstar EDM headliners will be rarity.

"We don't want to be known as a DJ venue and live or die by our bookings," he explains.

"We are going to have a full theatrical nightclub and the international cabaret. So we don't want to be known by who we book and who we don't book, because the Miami nightclub scene is incredibly competitive.

"Could I book an Avicii? Yes," DeGori says. "But when will I do that? Not for the grand opening. We will eventually book big names. But E11even will not be built around DJs."

In line with his lack of interest in DJ bookings, DeGori also doesn't consider E11even to be a direct competitor with Miami's megaclubs -- and in particular, its across-the-street neighbor, Space.

"The Club Space people are our friends," he insists. "My club will be an all-around entertainment experience while Space is simply a nightclub that's been very successful for many years. Everybody knows and loves Space. And I don't see us as rivals."

Ultimately, for DeGori, the priority is keeping E11even focused (by avoiding too many big-ticket DJs) and friendly (by not becoming embroiled in unnecessary competition with the megaclubs) and profitable, all of which will lead to longevity, not to mention those expansion plans.

"We're not here for a year or two or three. We are planning a 30-year run. And in fact, E11even Miami is only the first in a roll-out of six, seven, eight clubs around the nation. There are already clubs planned for New York City, Las Vegas, and San Francisco."

As for why he and his partners chose our city for the original E11even, DeGori says: "We see South Florida as the new Las Vegas. Only better, because there's the beach."

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