DJ Laz Talks Sipping Hennessy Straight From the Bottle and Drinking on the Job

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If, like Crossfade, you are a serious drinker who loves to let loose, glug a couple of cocktails, and get responsibly wasted, we say: "Raise that Henny, son!"

Now believe it or not, there is an international community of cognac connoisseurs called the Hennessy DJ Collective and our own DJ Laz (AKA The Pimp With the Limp) is an official member.

This Saturday, the South Florida native and Power 96 morning host will be sharing his Henny expertise at Top Hat Wine & Liquors' anniversary bash in the afternoon before takin' the drankin' to Kaffe Krystal at midnight.

To prep for the party, Crossfade and Laz talked sipping Hennessy straight from the bottle, his fave cognac cocktail, underage alcohol consumption, trips to France, and drinking on the job.

Crossfade: Is it wrong to sip Hennessy straight from the bottle?

DJ Laz: Nah. Not really. [Laughs] It depends how far gone you are.

What's a classier way to consume this fancy cognac?

My favorite way to drink Hennessy is with ginger ale and a mint leaf. It's called the Laz Special.

Nice. Did DJ Laz legal wait till he was drinking age to have his first cocktail?

Of course! [Laughs] Absolutely. I'll swear on a stack of ... No, I won't.

So does a real player always drink responsibly?

At the end of the day, you have to be responsible. It's an adult drink for people who know how to enjoy the finer things. You've gotta know how to drink. And that means drinking responsibly.

Hennessy Ginger Drink Recipe


-1½ ounces of Hennessy

-3½ ounces of Ginger Ale

Pour Hennessy into highball, fill with ice cubes, top with Ginger Ale. Garnish with a lime wedge. Or a mint leaf, if you want that Laz Special.

Right on. What can you teach us legal, responsible drinkers about enjoying Hennessy?

Everything I learned when I went to France. You know, the different mixes you can do with Hennessy. A lot of people think it's a drink that can only be sipped straight up or on the rocks. But there's so much more to it.

That's right ... You recently took a road trip to Hennessy's birthplace in Cognac, France. What went down?

A lot of cognac! [Laughs] But otherwise, I got schooled. I was one of those who thought, "Oh, Hennessy, you can only drink it straight up." But they enlightened me to the many different ways you can enjoy cognac. It was definitely an eye-opening experience for me.

You are an official member of the Hennessy DJ Collective. You are a professional party starter.

Without a doubt.

And appropriately, the official DJ Laz press photo shows you behind the decks with a drink in your hand. Is it a good idea being able to drink on the job?

Absolutely, as long as I'm not driving. When I'm actually spinning, hitting the turntables, or hosting a party, I like to sip some Henny, get in that zone, and rock out.

Download: DJ Laz's Hennessy Collective Summer 2011 Music Mix and Fall 2011 Music Mix

DJ Laz and Hennessy at Top Hat Anniversary Bash. Saturday, December 17. Top Hat Wine & Spirits, 5749 Bird Rd., Miami. The event takes places from 3 till 7 p.m. Call 305-662-9898 or visit tophatwines.com.

DJ Laz. Saturday, December 27. Kaffe Krystal, 10855 Southwest 72nd St., Kendale Lakes. The party starts at midnight. Call 305-274-1112 or visit kaffekrystal.com.

Follow Crossfade on Facebook and Twitter @Crossfade_SFL.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.