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Diddy's a Has-Been, Still Worth $580 Million

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There's something funny about money. Once you have a certain amount of it, those greenbacks just keep multiplying. You don't really have to do anything, except sit back and watch that money tree fruit up.

Just look at Diddy. He hasn't done anything in years, and he's still the richest dude in rap. He even created a band that totally flopped, but it made no difference. He makes the right investments, courts the right endorsers, and keeps the right company.

That's exactly how to top Forbes' "Hip-Hop's Wealthiest Artists 2013" and not even write any rhymes!

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50 Cent - $125 million

Fiddy has been absent on the scene for a while. He's knee-deep in his comeback, but he's still sitting pretty on all that money from Get Rich or Die Tryin'. And don't you remember how he started Vitamin Water? He sold it back in 2007 for boatloads. So, even if his acting career never takes off and his new release Street King Immortal doesn't go triple-platinum, it hardly matters. Plus, isn't he ghost-writing? It doesn't matter if you get the credit, just the residuals.

Birdman - $150 million

What happened to that boy? Nothing bad, apparently. Even though the Cash Money head hasn't released an album since 2009, his empire has done nothing but explode. He is Lil Wayne's mouth-kissing daddy, after all, and Lil Wayne is running around making more money than he can spend on leopard pants and over-the-counter cough medicine. As the co-founder of Cash Money Records, all Birdman has to do is perch and rake 'em in. According to Forbes, his worth would be more than $200 if he kicked out his partner, but that just wouldn't be right, right?

Dr. Dre - $350 million

You don't even need to walk outside of your house to make dough in the hip-hop game. We've already talked about how the California legend is a total hermitted recluse, probably going nothing less than insane in his studio, trying to make the Chronic III. A whole decade has gone by without new Dre ear candy, but it's his ear adornments that have made this man millions. They may not be the most respected brand of headphones by music snobs, but Beats By Dre are cool, bass-y and relatively affordable. Apparently, that's all it takes.

Jay-Z -$475 million

Now, here's a man who's kept himself busy. He killed it with Watch The Throne and it's coinciding tour, and now he's going to kill it again as he heads out on the road with reigning king of pop Justin Timberlake. He's been so busy, he even made a baby, but Blue Ivy will probably cost more than she owns for a while. Not to worry. With $475 mill burning a hole in your pocket, baby formula is no issue. We're sure he's happy he came out of retirement.

Diddy - $580 million

It's possible Diddy has never written a rhyme in his life, but don't worry, he writes more checks than the government come the first and 15th. He's been the wealthiest hip-hopper for three years running, always toe-to-toe with the CEO of the R-O-C. Back in 2010, he sat at second with $30 million, and damn did Diddy get his paper up. But where's the music? He only just this year started his cute "remix" joke again. Most of this money comes from lucrative deals with brands like Ciroc. Fuck is Nas, he don't even need one mic, just a high APY.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.