Delia Dane Takes Control of Her Sound on "The Feeling"

Delia Dane
Delia Dane Photo by WeThemUS/@wethemus
Orlando-born singer-songwriter Delia Dane recently released her new single, "The Feeling," on Kitsuné Musique. The track is a mediation on that pull between two souls who can’t deny the feeling they are having at that moment.

For Dane, who describes herself as a songwriter first and foremost, putting pen to paper is a very personal experience.

“My biggest goal is to be a writer for other artists," she tells New Times. "I always want to put out my stuff, but because it’s so personal, when it comes, it comes, and I don’t want to rush it. I don’t necessarily want to be tied to like, ‘Oh, you have to put out this or whatever because you haven’t put out a record in a while.' So for like being an artist and in the industry, I want to be a writer.”

Her first project as a solo artist was the six-track, R&B banger Pastels, released in 2016 under the name Dvwez (pronounced Dames). After the EP's release, she released a series of singles where she worked with other producers while stepping back from the production side. However, on "The Feeling," Dane, with the help of producer and friend Brinson Swann, is once again fully in control of her sound.
“Twenty-nineteen was me getting back to production, just getting back to writing a song on guitar, like just kind of stepping away versus having all these productions sent to me and having to write a song based on that,” Dane explains.

On the single's hook, Dane proclaims, “I want you/You want me/Why can’t we/Give in to the feeling/In to the feeling.” During the rush emotion that Dane describes, you can feel her going through the process of trying to understand the situation she’s found herself in.

“This push-pull situation is happening. It’s about giving in to the feeling," she adds. "The hook is sort of the summary because it’s really just about not understanding what the relationship is, trying to define it, then backing away from defining it and just enjoying it for what it is."

As an artist, Dane has come a long way from her beginnings in 2010 in the reggae band Naked June. After graduating from the University of Florida, she moved to New York City and worked in ad sales for Spotify, an experience she says didn't really help her achieve her goal of breaking into the music industry.

“It wasn’t beneficial for me as an artist at all, and that’s exactly why I left," Dane says. "Maybe if I was in editorial or something, it would’ve made a difference, but ad sales is such a separation and super consuming."

These days, Dane tries to focus on the DIY side of music. Her collaboration with Kitsuné for the release of "The Feeling" came about after her appearance on Miami producer Firstworld's cover of "Groove Is in the Heart" on the House Kitsuné America compilation.
“Working with her on ‘Groove is in the Heart’ was super fun and such a breeze, and I really can't wait to work with her again," Firstworld says of Dane. "She's an amazingly talented singer, a professional in every sense of the word, and someone I consider to be a great friend."

Prior to working together, two artists had never actually met.

“We’ve always just supported each other from afar," Dane explains. "It was one of those things where he reached out to me, and I just happened to have the time to do the vocals. We kind of just formed a relationship after that."

Dane likes how things have gone with Kitsuné so far, and although there aren’t plans to release a full-length album with the storied label, the future is open.

“I have a lot of music in a similar vein as 'The Feeling,' my plan is to continue to release them as singles, but there could be a project that comes out of it for sure.”

For the time being, Dane plans to see how people respond to "The Feeling." If things go well, she plans to do a video featuring several songs at once.

“My idea is to make it a short film," she adds. "I kind of want to see what the response is from the single and go from there."
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