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Deadmau5 at Ultra Music Festival March 26

Remember when Deadmau5 was just a break from the Carl Cox tent at Ultra Music Festival back in 2008? Those were the days. By 2009, he graduated to the live stage. And last year, the rodent rager scored the first sold-out solo date at the Miami megafest. Now, for 2011, Deadmau5 is back with his fiberglass mask, followed by a cult of candy ravers in search of the electronic cheese. And he'll take the main stage to close out the second day of Ultra, accompanied by that vivacious sea of vermin clad in LED Mau5heads, ears, tails, and gloves.

Mr. Mau5 will most likely grace his militia with staple claims to fame "Ghosts 'n' Stuff" and "I Remember," along with a few new tracks such as "A City in Florida" and recent single "Some Chords." But is it his music or the gimmick that sells tickets? Well, he's still way too new to truly deserve the legendary status he's been so royally rewarded. But alas, what's more entertaining than a mass of Mau5-y bobbleheads sucking on pacifiers and wearing drenched sports bras? Whatever the reason, his uhhntz-ified stylings have captured the attention of millions, even earning him official DJ duties at last year's MTV Video Music Awards. But we must admit that we kind of miss those underground days. No one really likes a mainstream electro idol.

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