David Allan Coe Tonight at City Limits

David Allan Coe is a sort of an icon in country music. He certainly seems to name himself among the greats any time he's interviewed and asked about it. And of course, he drops their names into quite a number of his songs. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of David Allan Coe's career is one he simply won't talk about. His Underground CD, which is now out of print, is absolutely littered with some of the most racist and homophobic lyrics ever recorded...but he claims he's not a prejudiced man.

Kinda hard to make that claim when you've pressed your name onto a CD

which has a song called "Nigger Fucker", but he's just that type of

guy. He doesn't play those songs live, probably out of fear for his

life, and maybe he's grown since his earlier years. Or maybe not...

Check him out tonight at City Limits in Delray Beach if you'd like to judge for yourself. Show starts at 7 p.m. Cost is $27.

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