Art Basel Miami Beach

Danny Brown and Shepard Fairey Go Bananas for Art Basel at Bardot Miami

"Stank pussy smellin' like Cool Ranch Doritos!"

That's what all the hip cats were screaming at Bardot last night, 'cause Danny Brown was in the spot tearin' it up on the carpet, among the people.

The weed was in the air and the streets were representing for an intimate set from the loud and rowdy MC. And he wasn't even the only giant in the building 'cause Shepard Fairey, the "Obey" man himself, came through for a special opening DJ set.

Needless to say, shit was tight.

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We got there pretty early, as opening DJ YNOT was laying down some fat old-school grooves. Like most crowds in Miami, everyone stood around like well-dressed mannequins until the room started to fill. The lights dimmed. And slowly but surely, the drinkers and smokers started to move their bodies.

By 11:30 p.m. or so, the next DJ had arrived by the booth. He stood chatting to fans and taking pictures. But they probably didn't want to talk to him about music. After all, Shepard Fairey is much better known for his graphic design and street art than his mixing abilities.

For a celebrity DJ, he didn't do half bad. His track selection was solid, not that Shepard Fairey having good taste is necessarily a surprise. He played a lot of classic hip-hop, but mixed in a good amount of classic rock, indie dance, and all those "cool dad" jams from the '90s.

Even if some of his transitions were sloppy, no one was about to throw any chairs. By now, everyone was getting the fuck down, and moving from the booth to the bathroom was a damn jungle expedition. In a word, shit was hype.

Fairey finished his set at about 1 a.m. and handed the jockey table back to DJ YNOT for a quick 30-minute intermission set, and then the floor sparked like a lighter to a blunt for Danny Brown. The hyphy Fool's Gold rapper didn't have a stage to storm, so he just grabbed the mic and stood in front of the booth to lay down rhymes as everyone huddled around him.

They were giving him some space. But damn if those flashes weren't going off in every direction as he ripped into "Witit."

Danny went through all the crowd's favorites, rapping nonstop. He only paused to drink straight from the bourbon bottle next to the DJ between tracks. And every time the selector cut the music out, the partiers knew just what lyrics to shout. It was, like, that perfect party energy. Everyone was actually on the same page.

Danny was being goofy as fuck, hamming it up with his peeps as Fool's Gold samples dropped left and right. Shit felt good when he pulled out "Grown Up," and everyone got ratchet for "Piss Test."

"I'm so ready to get the fuck up out of here and go smoke a blunt," he said before going in on "Blunt After Blunt." It was his final song as the clock clicked to 2 a.m. He stuck around to take some pics as people kept dancing. That was one serious high to come down from, after all.


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