Crüe Fest 2 invading South Florida on August 27th

In case you've missed the last 38 chances this year to see Motley Crüe, don't fret. The band has announced plans for the second Crüe Fest on August 27 at Cruzan Amphitheater. Nikki Six and pals will be bringing Godsmack, Theory of A Deadman, Drowning Pool, and Charm City Devils to round out the festival. If none of this news excites you, try this on for size. Motley Crüe also announced that they won't be playing most of their new garbage songs during the festival.

Nope, if you show up to Crüe Fest 2, you'll hear the entire Dr.

Feelgood album from beginning to end. That's enough to make any true

fan drool, or cry a little on the inside when they remember the album

hit 20 years ago... Tickets start at $29.50, but if you buy them on

March 21st between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., you can grab $10 festival lawn

tickets. As always, Livenation is the place to grab them.

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Brett Gillin