Coachella 2012: Black Lips' Biggie Smalls "Hologram" and Other Top Moments From Saturday, April 21

Photo by Meranda Carter

See LA Weekly's complete Coachella coverage -- plus the top moments from Friday, April 20 and five highlights from Sunday, April 22.

Saturday at Coachella meant tributes, tributes, tributes.

From Levon Helms to Biggie, everyone got a shout-out. In between all that, some nasty partying and a little recreational drug use. Read our highly-trained writers as they tell you the the best things they saw on Saturday, April 21, at Coachella 2012.

The Black Lips' Biggie Smalls "Hologram"

The Black Lips set the bar pretty high with their nudie show last week. So, to up the ante, they brought out a cardboard cutout of Biggie Smalls; the point was that B.I.G. not feel left out after the debut of Tupac's hologram last week. Then Ian St. Pé shotgunned a beer with their sound guy so he didn't feel left out. (Which we thought was really sweet.) And then they capped it all off with Cole Alexander smashing his guitar to bits and throwing it into the crowd. --Molly Bergen

Master P Cameos During A$AP Rocky's Set

Sorry, but drinking a beer and swaying to Radiohead really was boring us. We made a beeline for A$AP Rocky's show instead, and were surprised to see the tent only about half full. It stayed that way throughout his almost hour-long set, even though the Harlem rapper's performance was quite engaging. (Also, girls were taking off their tops.) In any case, things got awesome when A$AP brought out Master P; we felt like we were an extra in the "Make 'Em Say Uhh" video, with plenty of room to throw elbows. --Rebecca Haithcoat


Most British bands know how to rock. They also know how to bring their A-games to gigantic festivals. Kasabian's performance Saturday evening at the Mojave tent inspired concertgoers to jump and thrash with reckless abandon. The funky riffs of closer "Fire" mesmerized the crowd and when the music stopped, fans were left disappointed and confused. What could top that? --Daniel Kohn

Fuck I'm Faded T-Shirt

Today while trolling around the Do LaB stage, we stumbled upon this individual who had a message for the world. Aces. --Gabriel Ryan

Grace Potter's Levon Helm Tribute

Yesterday Grace Potter dedicated a song she wrote for her grandmother to Levon Helm, The Band's drummer who passed away Thursday. She set down her Flying V for the song, "Big White Gate." "Eighty-four years of a sinning life and in the morning I'll be dead," she sang, and the chorus brought on the first tears of the day. They didn't stop until the song was over. "Saint Peter won't you open up the big white gate. 'Cause I heard about forgiveness and I hope it ain't too late. I ain't no holy roller but you go tell your king. That all the folks up in heaven might like to hear me sing." --Taylor Hamby

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