Classixx: The left coast's hot new remixers.
Classixx: The left coast's hot new remixers.

Classixx is L.A.'s new dynamite duo

If you're reading this article, chances are good you have a certain thing for dance music. If that's the case, you're undoubtedly well aware of the increasing number of DJs doing their best to make the leap to producer/remixer/artist. We're not talking about just the usual Top 100 Mixmag superstars; we're talking about thousands upon thousands of head-spinning maniacs from every corner of the musical universe.

That makes the success of Classixx all the more remarkable. The L.A.-based DJ duo not only has made that leap but also has done so for some of the brightest acts of our time. And when Classixx isn't revving up tracks by the likes of Phoenix and the Ting Tings, the tag team is releasing some pretty bright tracks of its own. Each is enough to tear the roof off of any club Classixx deigns to set spin in.

And why wouldn't the pair have that special something? Michael David and Tyler Blake are the kind of with-it hipsters who instinctively know what sort of beat will drive this year's models wild. In fact, Classixx — whether in the booth or not — has provided the soundtrack for much of recent L.A. nightlife, thanks to those tracks, of course. That all of this action has gone down over the span of not much more than a single year by young men who are barely into their 20s only makes the ascendancy that much more rad.



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Check it: New Year's Eve 2007-08. Classixx spins the HARD party in the Big Bad Apple alongside Peaches, A-Trak, and Justice — and from that night on, the pace is nonstop. They spin dates everywhere from Sundance to SXSW. They remix everyone from Shwayze ("Buzzin'") to Shiny Toy Guns ("Starts With One"). Classixx's own Cold Act Ill EP drops, with folks such as Wolfgang Gartner and Tim Healy lending expert hands. And everyone from Spin to NME sings the duo's praises.

The next year finds more of the same, only much, much more. It heralds remixes of Fischerspooner ("We Are Electric"), Ladyhawke ("Magic"), and Yacht ("Psychic City"), as well as the aforementioned Phoenix ("Lisztomania") and the Ting Tings ("Shut Up and Let Me Go"), among many others. And then they drop their own small slew of releases on Kitsune, including "I'll Get You" featuring Jeppe, which is the closest thing we've heard to the Human League since the Human League was around.

Fast-forward to early 2010, and it all adds up to one promising act delivering on its promises, which is probably why Classixx has been booked five times this Conference. That's right — they'll be everywhere from White Room and the Vagabond to the W, Klutch, and the Sagamore. Need we say any more?

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