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Carl Cox at Ultra Music Festival 2013

Ultra is more than an annual music festival. It's an EDM institution. Just like British house legend Carl Cox.

Every year at UMF, the Carl Cox and Friends arena (which has been with the fest for its entire 15-year history) gets bigger, better, and brighter. But it doesn't exist only in Miami. It also travels the world to Ultra's many international festivals, from Europe to Korea and beyond.

Of course, though, what really makes the Brit DJ-producer's enormous traveling EDM empire so epic is the man himself. He's been a monolith on the house scene since the '80s. He reached the absolute height of electronic dance music superstardom by the mid-'90s. He's performed in top clubs across the globe for three decades. He's been a resident DJ for the BBC Radio One program Essential Mix. And he's reigned over Ultra land since the very beginning.

His friends ain't too shabby either. For Ultra Music Festival 2013, Cox will throw down alongside fellow legends Fatboy Slim, John Digweed, and Richie Hawtin, as well as legends-in-the-making Loco Dice, Luciano, Umek, and Just Be.

Still, Mr. Cox's arena isn't only a home for an unbelievable lineup. It's a mind-expanding spectacle unto itself. The UMF crew will surely keep this year's look and vibe a secret until beat freaks crash the festival gates. But judging by last year's colorful honey-comb spaceship, the 2013 version of this so-called mega-structure should be more than mesmerizing.

So if you dig lush visuals and the kind of deep, driving house music that can lead to a life-changing experience, spend a night in Ultra land with the legendary Carl Cox and his amazing friends.

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