BT and Tommy Tallarico Announce Electronic Opus Dance Music Symphony for WMC 2015

"Electronic producers aren't real musicians" - Haters

Get ready to eat your words, "real music" enthusiasts... Because Grammy-nominated electronic producer BT is teaming up with video-game composer Tommy Tallarico (AKA that dude who transformed your childhood into high art with Video Games Live) to re-create 12 favorite tracks from his decade-spanning career into full orchestral masterpieces.

It's his Electronic Opus, a dance music symphony. And BT's lifelong dream culminates in a first-ever performance at the Adrienne Arsht Center on Sunday, March 29, during Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week. Oh, it is sweet to live in Miami.

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Here's the kicker: BT needs a lot of money to get this project off the ground. As he has laid out in a detailed budget on Electronic Opus' Kickstarter page, he requires at least $200,000 to flesh out his fantasy.

That's an astounding amount of money to be sure. Still, he and Tallarico have already raised a staggering $74,549, and there are 28 days left.

This sort of thing is not that crazy coming from BT. He's a producer's producer. He's never been content to make trendy tracks in five minutes in exchange for boatloads of cash. He's been in the business since way before the term "EDM" was marketable or even a "thing."

In fact, he does a lot more than just make music. He is an engineer as well, and he builds and designs many of the electronic instruments used to make his compositions. To hear those tracks performed by a full orchestra has been his dream for years, but it's not the sort of thing record labels get behind.

As BT explains in the pitch video, he thinks those naysayers are wrong. He thinks young people can appreciate orchestral music. And he thinks dance fans want a higher-level experience.

To entice the average BT fan to donate (or even the experimental classical entrepreneur), BT and Tallarico offer tons of gifts, like a copy of the music for $10 contributors or a custom song written by BT if you donate $10,000.

Honestly, this dude's music is already pretty lush and vibrant. To imagine it in full orchestral composition isn't too much a stretch, and to see such a feat at WMC and MMW would be a heady highlight amid the usual hot mess.

The KickStarter runs through Wednesday, December 10. You down?

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BT and Tommy Tallarico's Electronic Opus. Sunday, March 29. Adrienne Arsht Center, 1300 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Support the project via kickstarter.com. Tickets go on sale soon via electronicopus.com.

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