Black Chiney's DJ Walshy Fire Brings the Heat in 2011 With a Free Indie Mix

For those of you with real knowledge of the Caribbean music scene, the name DJ Walshy Fire is a household staple -- kinda like Crystal Hot Sauce and Febreze Air Freshener. And similar to both products, Walshy (real name Leighton Paul Walsh) delivers both mouth-watering fire and delicious freshness when working behind the turntables.

He is a member of the famed soundsystem DJ crew, Black Chiney, as

well as an on-air personality for radio stations, such as Mixx96 or the now-defunct 103.5 The Beat.

On any given weekend, Mr. Walsh finds himself on a plane, flying to some exotic location with a mission to blow up every speaker he touches. He recently spun New Year's Eve in Toronto for over 7,000 flag-waving dancehall fanatics.

A Miami-born, Jamaica-bred boy, Walsh has been DJing since 1995, mastering his own trademark blend of hip-hop, reggae, dancehall, and R&B. He is mostly known for his impressive knowledge of roots reggae as well as other Caribbean musical offerings like soca. But he is also a self-proclaimed old-school hip-hop junkie who once worked behind the counter at the legendary Beat Street record store in Brooklyn. In fact, his DJ selection is so varied and solid that even our humble publication, Miami New Times, awarded Walshy Best Reggae Radio Program in 2006.

Now what folks really don't know is that Walshy can even spin a mean '80s electro/indie-rock set, throwing some Cyndi Lauper and Passion Pit all in less than 5 minutes. That's right, all you downtown hipsters, Walshy knows Passion Pit ... And he likes it!

"This year, I definitely want to expand my horizons and challenge myself as a stand-alone, open-format DJ," he says. "I know people only see me as the reggae/soca/dancehall guy. But I listen to more than just that! If you see my music library, it's like it was created by a crazy schizophrenic!"

But before you send him off to the musical insane asylum, check out one of Walshy's indie mixes and hear for yourself.  If we didn't know any better, Walshy's next gig will still include flying to exotic locations, just DJing for Milan Fashion Week.

Download: Walshy Fire's Runway Music

For more free mixes from DJ Walshy Fire, visit his website at

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