Archive Diver: Overkill "Hello From The Gutter" Live at Cameo Theater 1988

According to Wikipedia, Overkill is "an American thrash metal band, formed in 1980 in New Jersey." Their studio discography encompasses 14 albums from 1985 through 2007.

Their wikiography also says Overkill formed out of the ashes of a punk band called the Lubricunts -- awesome name.

The ad on the right promotes Overkill's Under The Influence album and the single "Hello From The Guitar," though artwork on the same ad references the song title as "Hello From The Gutter." The song was made into a video which appeared on Headbanger's Ball. Are we looking back at an era when the word gutter was too controversial for MTV? I don't know.

The album was released on Megaforce Records, an early independent metal label, with a push from Atlantic Records.

The ad also promotes an all ages Overkill show at the Cameo Theatre on September 6, 1988.

Were any of you there? Got a favorite Overkill song? Leave a comment. Check out this link to a 1993 New Times article that talks about Overkill. After the jump, the Overkill video for "Hello From The Gutter," featuring their logo mascot "Chaly," a skull with bat wings.

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