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A Fly Guy Turns Rec Room Into a Time Machine With '90s Now Party

A Fly Guy launches his new weekly throwback party called '90s Now.
A Fly Guy launches his new weekly throwback party called '90s Now. Anthony Anderson (@ayoandrsn)
On a gloomy, rainy day in North Miami, DJ Fly Guy showed up to take over the decks at a local clothing store. Drink Champs, a podcast, was hosting a pop-up BBQ. Once he was set up, Fly Guy started dropping gem after gem from MCs of the '90s including the Notorious B.I.G. and the Wu-Tang Clan. As a Brooklyn native, the Guyanese mixer knows a thing or two about fusing together tunes from the golden era of hip-hop to rock the party. It was a preview of what he plans to do at Rec Room in Miami for the rest of 2017 with his weekly '90s Now party.

Rec Room nightclub  — in the Gale Hotel on South Beach — recently decided to open its doors for the first time on a Tuesday night. A Fly Guy leads the way. Every week, the former “master of the mix” will play this throwback party series. As the year progresses, Fly Guy and LV Entertainment plan to host this weekly event alongside other DJs and hip-hop artists.

“I’d love to get the Originals,” Fly Guy says. “Which is a DJ collective consisted of DJ Clark Kent, Tony Touch , D Nice, Rich Medina, and Stretch Armstrong. I’d also love to get Kid Capri and other DJs who I know can handle that element and vibe.”

Fly Guy’s '90s Now party launched back in October 2016 as a monthly to test out the nightlife scene on Tuesdays. Since Rec Room was only open on weekends, the venue had never attracted a crowd on a weeknight. After serving as a resident DJ at the club on Saturdays for two years, Fly Guy approached his management with the idea to do a predominantly '90s music party while incorporating some newer music, hence the name '90s Now. There will be hip-hop, dance music, reggae, pop, and soul, too.

Along with Fly Guy, DJs like Tony Touch and Dungeon Family mixer KP the Great have already come through to take the party back in time. Though it's still unclear whether the Originals will make it, you can expect DJs like Stretch Armstrong and Bryan Michael Cox at Rec Room in the coming months.

“[They] spin just for the love," Fly Guy says. "They don’t really get the chance to play that kind of music. It’s just a really dope vibe. I just like to see people come out and not be on their phone in a party.”

'90s Now at Rec Room will continue to go down every Tuesday at the Gale. Fly Guy predicts the party will be flourishing by the time Miami Music Week and Winter Music Conference arrive, and will continue to rock on well into the summer.

Throwback Thursday will become a thing of the past. If zero cover charge isn’t enough to get you in the building, then maybe the two-hour open bar for the ladies will entice you and crew.
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