Kill the Noise: Servin' up Slow Roasted beats since 2009.
Kill the Noise: Servin' up Slow Roasted beats since 2009.

A Five-Part History of Slow Roast Records

What do bass music, a pig, and Miami have in common? Why, Slow Roast Records, of course!

Now, you may know that Slow Roast was spawned by the 305's own three-time DMC world champ, DJ Craze, and studio-junkie producer Kill the Noise. And you may have heard how its artist Brillz stole the party-scene spotlight with "Twonk." But there's even more to the story.

So, in preparation for a tasty Slow Roast showcase at Grand Central Miami starring both label bosses, we've assembled a timeline of Slow Roast's best moments. Time to learn something, you filthy piggies.


Slow Roast Records

DJ Craze and Kill the Noise: With Sluggers and Louie Arson. Presented by Poplife, Culture, and Electric Love. 11 p.m. Saturday, January 18, at Grand Central, 697 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-377-2277; Tickets cost $20 plus fees via Ages 18 and up.

Foundation. Obviously, DJ Craze and Kill the Noise aren't new artists. Craze has been running the deck game as a world champion since the late '90s. And Kill the Noise has been working the scene since the early 2000s with a drive so tight that even Korn tapped his talents for 2011's dubstep-inflected Path of Totality album. For years, these two dudes ran in the same circles and admired each other's hustle. So in 2009, they decided to take the relationship to the next level, and Slow Roast Records was born.

Roots. The Slow Roast method is so effective because it's never rushed. For beats that fall off the bone, you've gotta be patient and take your time. That's why it wasn't until 2010 that the boys released their first official EP. And who better to kick things off than Kill the Noise? His Roots EP set the tone for the label and let the dance-music world know that Slow Roastin' was for real. "It was a great look for us 'cause we came out the gate with the best quality of music," Craze says, looking back on that debut record. "The label name was amazing, the logo was amazing, and the first release was amazing."

Take over control. After a couple of years of carefully cooking up the right beats, choosing the right artists, and prepping the right releases, Craze, Kill the Noise, and their genre-bending label hit it hard in 2013. "Up till then, we weren't really stressing becoming a force in music," Craze admits. But over the past year, they've unleashed a string of monumental releases, including Brillz' Twonk and Retwonked mixes, as well as Craze's own Selekta EP, featuring remixes from artists like ETC! ETC! and JWLZ. "We've really set our mark on predicting who the next big artists are gonna be," the Slow Roast boss says. "And I think people are looking at us now to see what's next."

Month by month. Part of 2013's takeover plan included a Slow Roast family-owned and -operated dance floor. If bass lovers didn't know these boss hogs of bass before, they've surely heard the booms coming from the Garret at Grand Central's party loft during the label's Thursday monthly. This night features world-class acts from the Slow Roast roster with no cover and no rules.

Too future. Fueled by the momentum of the past 12 months, the Slow Roast dudes are ready to bring even more flavor in 2014. And for the monthly parties in Miami, Craze promises big things. This Saturday, they'll be doing it big and bold with a showcase featuring Craze himself, Kill the Noise, Sluggers, and Louie Arson at Grand Central. Then they'll be back in the Garret for a very special Valentine's Day eve, Thursday, February 13. And of course, throughout the year, expect killer releases from "future stars" like Tropkillaz, Ape Drums, and J Rabbit, as well as more from Slow Roast regulars Codes, Klever, Kill the Noise, and Craze. It's going to be a year to remember, so savor it.

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