Best of Miami 2023
Illustration: Tom Carlson. Source Images: Demetrius Theune/; ArtOfPhotos/; Roman Samborskyi/;

Best Of Miami® 2023

Dear readers, if you think we spend our waking hours sifting through instances of Miami officials (and citizens) behaving outrageously, or feloniously, or both — well, that’s mostly true.

But we love this place. It’s a stunningly beautiful multicultural marvel, one of the most fascinating places to live on the planet.

What’s more, whenever our explorations lead us to stumble across something special, we make a note to share it with you. We’re journalists, after all, which means we’re incapable of keeping stuff to ourselves.

On that note, we’re excited to present the Best of Miami® 2023, our freshest cache of superlatives, with an emphasis on the SUPER, courtesy of this year’s theme.

The Best of Miami® 2023 is written by Grant Albert, Francisco Alvarado, Joshua Ceballos, Nicole Danna, Carolina del Busto, Kayla Delacerda, Trae DeLellis, Alex DeLuca, Laine Doss, Jose D. Duran, Naomi Feinstein, Jesse Fraga, Shanae Hardy, Izzy Kapnick, Jen Karetnick, Jessica Lipscomb, Douglas Markowitz, Sophia Medina, Erin Michelle Newberg, David Rolland, Jesse Scott, Michelle Solomon, Jess Swanson, Catherine Toruño, Yessy Urbina, Caroline Val, Elena Vivas, and Ryan Yousefi.

Special thanks to Tom Carlson and Jess Swanson for their unflagging patience and assistance.

Design, “Superheroes” concept, section openers, spot illustrations, and editorial layout by Tom Carlson.

Cover by Tom Carlson. Reference images — Cover: Demetrius Theune/; ArtOfPhotos/; Roman Samborskyi/ Arts & Entertainment Opener: Ljupco Smokovski/; Skokie/; Billion Photos/; Gadi Yosef/CC by 2.0 via Flickr. Sports & Recreation Opener: Glenda/; Everett Collection/; GoodStudio/; Arthmost/ Shopping & Services Opener: Dean Drobot/; Sean Pavone/ Eat & Drink Opener: Peruphotart/; Bielous Nataliia/; GoodStudio/; Phillip Pessar/CC by 2.0 via Flickr. Readers’ Choice: R Boed/CC by 2.0 via Flickr.

Best Of Miami®

Best Of Miami®