Swine Southern Table & Bar

Located in a boutique-spangled strip on Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Swine Southern Table & Bar is a pork-themed place. Swine's setting is leisurely and cavernous; it sits inside a lofted two-story space lined with barn-wood walls and shelves holding colorful pickling jars. On the menu, there's mac and cheese with bacon, Brussels sprouts in bacon vinaigrette, sticky buns with candied smoked bacon, and an old-fashioned that mixes bacon-washed Old Overholt rye whiskey with maple syrup and house-made bitters. Malabar spinach is quickly wilted in a skillet and tossed with red onions, apples, and cheese-stuffed pimientos, all of it sloshed in boiled peanut vinaigrette. Mostly, though, Swine gives you what you want: bacon in your dessert and pork in your drink.Read our full review.