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Located on a previously woebegone, restaurantless strip of Biscayne, Soyka was a pioneer offering for Bay Point and Upper Eastside locals to hang out. Its bistro fare includes burgers, elaborate salads, and upscale sandwiches such as the turkey club on country toast. Designer entrees, which can be pricey and uneven, include seared salmon with spinach and shiitake mushrooms, chicken livers with bacon and onions, and grilled chicken and vegetables with tomato-olive relish. Pluses include sides of macaroni and cheese, a kids' menu along with a hearty tolerance for ankle biters, and rich chocolate cake for dessert. A selection of "Transfer Sandwiches" ranges from the ordinary (egg with cheese, bacon, or ham on a croissant, bagel, or country bread) to the extraordinary (matzo and smoked salmon).Read our full review.