Papo Llega y Pon

There are few restaurants in this world that offer food so good, you're willing to eat it standing up. Papo Llega y Pon is one of those places. More of a wraparound sandwich counter than an actual restaurant, it's worth checking out no matter how far you live from the Allapattah landmark. A constant flow of customers is a testament to the fact that everything at Papo's works just fine. The pan con lechon (pork sandwich) consists of delicious, mojito-marinated shredded pork on perfectly made Cuban bread. You gotta have it all the way — with onions and hot sauce — for the complete experience. And you can order it multiple ways, depending on your appetite and budget. You can order your pan con lechon on a half or whole loaf of Cuban bread. Wash it all down with a mamey milkshake or natural juice for a perfect meal.

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