Morro Castle

This place looks like an ugly, unwanted stepsister of El Rey de las Fritas, but it has been serving some of the best Cuban fast food in Miami for more than 50 years. People still flock to the iconic restaurant, which to this day provides car service. You read correctly - you can park your car, place your order, and a server will bring your food on a metal tray that clips onto your car door. If you decide to get out of your car and forgo its air conditioning, there are about a dozen outdoor Formica booths that haven't been renovated since they were installed more than half a century ago. But people don't visit Morro Castle for its chic décor; they visit for its cheap, good, and fast food. The menu offers all kinds of Cuban sandwiches ($2.63 to $6.41), including pan con lechon and pan con papa rellena, plus thick, frothy batidos ($2.63) in flavors such as mamey and fruta bomba. There is also an incredible flan de leche ($2.35) and quite possibly the best churros ($1.40) in Miami, if not the world. Morro Castle attracts all kinds of characters: little abuelitos, entire families, and Coral Gables executives. If you take issue with people speaking loudly in Spanish, stay away. Also, the servers aren't there to make you feel good - the food is.