mindwarehouse is a work and event space located in downtown Miami. We offer a range of options for professional and teams depending on the type of space they need. From just a virtual presence to a spot in the open workspace or a dedicated desk, individuals or groups can choose what works best for them. Private offices for 1-8 team members are available or custom spaces can be accommodated for larger organizations. Our goal is to have a mix of individuals from those who have just decided to pursue their business idea to successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, programming experts, finance wizards, creative dynamos, legal brainiacs, and more. We hope our members can focus on their particular area of genius without missing out on the other essentials they need to incorporate for their business to succeed. Have we mentioned we are eco-friendly too? When getting our new space ready, we made sure to consider the environment. Over 7,000 square feet of carpeting was picked up for recycling which was replaced with carpeting containing recycled content and installed with low VOC products. Our shiny (well, really it's an eggshell finish), new paint is zero VOC as well. Just in case there are any rogue VOCs floating around, we have some lovely air cleaning plants to keep our members company. High efficiency water fixtures help conserve water, while LED & fluorescent light fixtures help save energy. These are just some of our environmentally friendly features included in our space.