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Gio Alma
Run by Miami's hottest chef, Michy's is like the classical European restaurants of yesteryear, when everything was made from scratch. Whole chickens, ducks, and fish are taken apart and portioned, the bones reserved for stocks. Steaks are carved from the whole sirloin. Pastas, gnocchi, French fries, mayonnaise: all prepared on the premises. The dinner menu offers 30 to 35 dishes as half or full orders, though some are more starter-like than others, including ceviches, carpaccios, salads, and raw bar selections. Michy's cuisine is simple, comforting, and rustic, with bold, quality flavors. Airy potato gnocchi is bathed in a Bolognese sauce flecked with duck sausage. A peasant staple - polenta - comes gloriously capped with crisp bacon bits, a softly poached egg, and grated Pecorino cheese and black truffle. Desserts such as baked Alaska and strawberry shortcake are crafted in-house too. A cozy, unpretentious setting; a short list of great boutique wines; affordable prices; and a chef in her prime behind the stoves - it doesn't get much better than this.