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Photo by CandaceWest.com

K Ramen. Burger. Beer.

Lobster ramen
Photo by CandaceWest.com
Down an ominous black staircase that once led to South Beach's beloved Bond Street Lounge awaits K Ramen. Burger. Beer., an Asian-inspired oasis that serves among Miami's best bowls of ramen. Better yet, this manga-inspired joint stays open late. That means fried chicken or pork belly sandwiches and a salmon-skin salad with crisped shards of the fish's flesh and bright strands of tart green papaya. Think French fries but better. Then comes the spicy black miso ramen. It starts with chicken carcasses, boiled with scallions and other aromatics to create a fragrant, delicate broth that by itself would suffice as the base of a fine chicken soup. Then comes the heroic dose of salty black miso that turns the brew an evil ebony hue. Chilies and cracked sesame seeds lend an alluring spice and a nutty flavor that pair smartly with the miso and cling to thin, chewy noodles. The next time the hunger pangs hit after a long night of drinking, you know where to go. Read our full review of K Ramen. Burger Beer.