Heritage | Fort Lauderdale | Italian, Pizza | Restaurant
Photo by Nicole Danna


Photo by Nicole Danna
You might know Rino Cerbone as the frontman for the South Florida band Stellar Revival. Gastronomes, however, know him for his take on Italian fare at Heritage, his hidden gem nestled in an unassuming building on the southern outskirts of Flagler Village in Fort Lauderdale. Here Cerbone showcases his family's recipes with a short and focused menu. Start with fried squash blossoms, a texturally thrilling dish of delicate flowers stuffed with creamy mascarpone and bound by a thin and crispy tempura-like shell — although the real treat just might be the sweet and creamy sherry-spiked marinara it's served atop. Black mushroom arancini are equally exquisite — three dense globes of rice flavored with oyster, portobello, cremini, and shiitake mushrooms bound together by a trio of cheeses. Pizzas are popular with good reason, emerging from the oven with thin and sturdy crusts that give way to a springy interior. Pro tip: The decadent house-made pastas — like a rich duck ragù atop gemelli tendrils submerged in a whipped, mascarpone-spiked cacio e pepe sauce that begs for a spoon — are a hedonist's delight.