Bon-Bon Bakery

The facade of this bakery is rundown. The sign and storefront look as though they haven't been painted since they were first erected - sometime around the Mayflower landing. Despite all that, Bon Bon Bakery surprises you twofold. First, what bakery do you know that offers real Cuban pizza? A full pie, plain cheese or with ham, will cost you only $7.40. You can also purchase heaven by the slice for less than a buck. The second surprise is in the dough - Bon Bon's bread and crackers are delicious. Some say the place sells the best Cuban bread ($1.25) in Miami. You can pick up also bags of fresh, authentic Cuban crackers, made with either lard ($1.50 per bag) or salt ($1 per bag). If you're in the mood to soak up some Latin atmosphere, hit the counter and order a slice of pizza Cubana and a Malta.