Photo courtesy of Anthony's Runway 84

Anthony's Runway 84

Anthony’s Runway 84, from the owner of the Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza chain, is airport-themed, but it feels more like what you’d get if Epcot opened a restaurant based on the quaint Brooklyn of yesteryear. There’s a dining room, but if you really want your evening’s entertainment, eat dinner in the lounge. Faux cockpit windows have you coming in for a landing as you peruse the menu, which leans heavily toward red-sauce Italian fare. Women with teased hair wearing leopard-print dresses with fat diamonds on their red-lacquered fingers drink pink martinis while Sinatra croons in the background. Before dinner, a basket of warm, fresh bread arrives with a dish of olive oil spiked with garlic and grated Parmesan cheese. If you’re on a date, agree that you’ll both have garlic breath — it’s worth it. Meatballs arrive with a dollop of ricotta, Sicilian peppers are stuffed with more cheese and garlic, and clams oreganata, baked with breadcrumbs in a garlic and lemon sauce, are authentically Sheepshead Bay. The civolata sausage is presented with broccoli rabe and roasted peppers. The sausage is spicy, the peppers are sweet, and the combination is classic. New Normal: Anthony’s takes all the recommended COVID precautions and now offers takeout and delivery for those who prefer to enjoy their sausage and peppers at home.