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Photo illustration by Kristin Bjornsen

Best Of Miami® 2022

When it was '21, it was a very weird year — and it seems the same can be said for '22, maybe more so. Yet here we all are, determined to make the best of it. And, for us here at New Times, the Best of it, as we proudly present this year's Best of Miami® issue, "Best in Show."

Of course, everyone has dreams of being top dog, but when it comes to IRL canines, everyone's dog is top dog, and every dog deserves a good life with a loving human companion. So alongside this year's playful theme, we're including a list of the South Florida dog-rescue organizations that toil year-round to match every homeless hound with a human best friend for life.

Oh, and we've also got picks for "Best Dog Food Store," "Best Dog Groomer," "Best Kennel," "Best Pet Supply Store," "Best Dog Park," and "Best Place to Dine With Dogs."

If you'll excuse us, we'll leave you to browse through our choices while we get to work on next year's edition. Have an early favorite? Share it with our staff at [email protected].

The Best of Miami® 2022 is written by: Grant Albert, Emmalyse Brownstein, Joshua Ceballos, Nicole Danna, Carolina Del Busto, Trae DeLellis, Alex DeLuca, Laine Doss, Jose D. Duran, Jesse Fraga, Jen Karetnick, Jessica Lipscomb, Tori Lutz, Bob Norman, David Rolland, Jesse Scott, Jess Swanson, Raj Tawney, Karen Tedesco, Elena Vivas, Katherine Wong, and Ryan Yousefi.

Design, "Best in Show" concept, section openers, photo-illustrations, and editorial layout by: Kristin Bjornsen.

Special thanks to: Kristin Bjornsen and Raj Tawney, for their invaluable assistance and unfailing patience.

Best Of Miami®

Best Of Miami®