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  • 17 hours ago | Concerts

    People of Miami, put away your Drake merch. The much-anticipated performance by the superstar rapper today and tomorrow has been postponed. No, this is not a drill. Drake was supposed to appear at the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami with...

  • 2 days ago | Concerts

    The swoon-worthy tween heartthrobs who once made up Britain's One Direction in some ways define the word "millennial." Five teenage boys grew into young men sitting on a gilded pop throne, their names forever associated with the group's enormous s...

  • 10 days ago | Concerts

    Two middle-aged guys in loud Hawaiian shirts and captain's hats puff away on pipes in front of a painted backdrop of an ocean. The scene sounds like it could be plucked from a slapstick comedy, right? Throw in a DJ booth on a casino club floor and...

  • 11 days ago | Art

    A bundle of nerves and anticipation, a young, fresh-faced New Yorker steps off of a plane onto a ground ripe with rich cultural heritage. It’s 1961, and the student has arrived in Bogotá, Colombia, for the first time. In a time before cell phones,...

  • 18 days ago | Culture

    It's no secret that a prevailing Cuban influence thrives on in Miami. But over the years, the metropolitan area long celebrated for its diverse identity has welcomed a growing expansion of multicultural films, music, and art from more than solely ...

  • 25 days ago | Art

    Twisting and turning, a delicately crafted mangrove constructed of rope and steel snakes through the air, impossibly knotted but still unmistakably distinct in its path forward. A red line runs boldly along a gnarled makeshift branch, connecting i...

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