Wodapalooza Fitness Competition to Bring Hardbodied Bros to Bayfront Park

Even if the only athletic event you've ever competed in was the couch surfing Olympics, you can't help but admire Crossfit folks. In addition to pushing their bods to physical perfection, they're also going head to head against each other for bragging rights and personal bests.

Wodapalooza, hosted by Guido Trinidad and Steve Suarez of Miami's own Peak 360 CrossFit, is taking over Bayfront Park on January 17th with burpees, jump squats, and some of the world's most impressive athletes. We spoke to one of the co-founders about explosive movements, fitness for all, and whether Guido Trinidad is his real name (it is).

Update: According to a CrossFit representative, Wodapalooza is not affiliated with the official CrossFit organization: "CrossFit Inc. did not license its trademark to this competition, so it's incorrect to describe it as a "CrossFit competition" or to use CrossFit in any way to describe the competition." We've reached out to Wodapalooza organizers for comment.

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Trinidad has been competing in Crossfit events since 2009, so when the opportunity came to host his own competition, he and Suarez jumped on it. And with Bayfront Park as a venue, "Who wouldn't want to come here to compete?" Trinidad says.

What stands out about Wodapalooza is the range of the 800 competitors -- they'll run the gamut from the world's top Crossfit athletes to everyday folks, and they'll be power-lifting, rope-pulling, wall-climbing and engaging in all kinds of other bad-ass athletic activities at all levels.

"That's what makes this competition so unique. Most [other competitions] are for teams or only for elites or beginners, and so we wanted to have something where we could incorporate anybody and everybody," he adds.

For those who aren't in the know about Crossfit, Trinidad has this to say: "It's almost like a grown-up PE class." Basically, the same workout is adapted for each individual depending on skill level, and there's a major social aspect, too. Spectators at the games can check out the competitors' buff bods and smooth moves, plus learn a little something about fitness and stay entertained all the while.

"We have three different events and they are totally different events on three stages. It's extremely interesting for spectators so they don't get bored," Trinidad adds. That's a different setup from a lot of other competitions, where the same workouts and events are repeated throughout the day.

They'll also have a parkour course and exhibit, plus workshops and speakers.

"You can sit down and listen to somebody talk about how to improve your running time or your technique on lifts," Trinidad says.

Last year's games brought more than 7,000 people to town, so it's sure to be an impressively large crowd packed with fitness enthusiasts and rock solid hotties.

Winners of the different divisions are competing for a $10,000 total cash prize. Plus, a portion of event proceeds will go to Live Like Bella, an organization benefitting kids with cancer.

To get in on the games (as a spectator, anyway), passes cost $15 per day or $35 for the full three days. The games run from Friday through Sunday at Bayfront Park. Check out their website for deets and tickets.

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