Uber Celebrates Second Anniversary in Miami With Free Cafecito and Pastelitos This Friday

Can anyone remember the days before ride-sharing was a thing and the word "Uber" went from being a proper noun to a verb? Yeah, neither can we.

It has been two years since the alternative to taxis was introduced in the Magic City. This Friday, the company will celebrate both its anniversary here and the fact that the service now operates legally in South Florida. And it will do so in a uniquely Miami way.

"We finally got regulated by the county and can operate under a better framework that lets us be in all parts of town," says Uber representative and public affairs manager Javi Correoso. "So we want to give back to the community and our supporters and riders who have been with us since day one."

How exactly does a company like Uber celebrate a big legal win and a birthday? With pastelitos and cafecito, of course.
This Friday from 1 and 4 p.m. when you open the app, instead of seeing options for an Uber X, Uber XL, LUX, or LUX SUV, you will see the word "cafecito," Correoso explains. "You put the request in, and a driver shows up to wherever you are with Cuban coffee and pastries." It's as easy as pie (or a pastelito de guayaba) and totally free to request the goodies. There's no need to actually ride an Uber that day. 

In Miami, users will receive the treats from La Carreta, and in Broward, Einstein Bagels has partnered with the ride-share.

The event is similar to last year's #UberIceCream day, when the company teamed up with local business Lulu's Nitrogen Ice Cream to deliver riders a scoop of delicious flavor. Correoso expects Uber to host these kinds of events once a year.

There's no doubt in Miami, where we basically have a local break for caffeine — 305 Cafecito — that the demand will be off the charts. Chances are that not all requests will be accommodated.

Uber Second Anniversary and Free Cafecito Day
Friday, June 3, from 1 to 4 p.m. Download the Uber app for your mobile device via
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