Top Ten of the Decade: Defining Moments in Miami Culture

Yesterday's list on pop culture showcased how the mass media and the world see Miami, but today's list of cultural moments of the decade focuses on the artistic forces that help Miami see the world. Few cities on any map saw such a dramatic growth spurt in culture in this decade, so let's take a look back.

2002 - South Beach Wine & Food Festival pops off
The annual epicurean wonderland has been around in some form or another since the '90s, but it was in 2002 when the festival became a weeklong event to be reckoned with in cuisine culture. The dish became so tempting that Food Network began sponsoring it and turned it into one of its marquee events.

2002 - Art Basel descends on the city
This isn't a ranked list, but if it was, it's hard to imagine anything other than the inception of Art Basel Miami Beach taking the top spot. Since its debut in 2002, the annual art fair has emerged as a powerhouse. Not only is it the most important art fair in the Americas, but also since eclipsing its Swiss parent in size, notoriety, and scope, it has become a must-go for the world's cultural elite. With the addition of numerous satellite fairs, parties, and related events, Miami becomes the center of the art world for the first week in December.

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Kyle Munzenrieder