This South Beach "Gangnam Style" Video Will Make You Cringe

When Good Morning America imitated the dance, they said "Gangnam Style" was over. When PSY taught Ellen Degeneres and Britney Spears the dance on TV, they said "Gangnam Style" was over. When NFL on Fox parodied the video, they said "Gangnam Style" was over.

But "Gangnam" Style will never ever be truly over, and people like "Dancing Maniac Carlos Francisco Diaz" are the reason why.

Diaz took to the streets of South Beach with only a handheld speaker and enough money to buy a neon orange Speedo, and brought "Gangnam Style" to tourists and locals alike. He inspired beach girls to shake their booties, mothers to shake their babies, and one fitness buff to pick him up and spin him around like a Dirty Dancing deleted scene. He also danced with some homeless guys in a few borderline-exploitative moments, and stopped traffic by simply standing in front of cars and buses, which is really only funny if you've never been stuck in traffic on Ocean Drive behind some jerk doing the same exact thing.

Yes, of course it's all on film. Watch, laugh, wince, and otherwise judge this millionth "Gangnam Style" reboot after the jump.

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