There’s a Miami Version of Cards Against Humanity, and You Can Submit Ideas

Cards Against Humanity is arguably the best game in the history of ever. It puts Monopoly, Pictionary, and even Scrabble to shame. A crass, pop-culture-inspired laugh riot, it’s the ultimate bonding experience for friends and strangers alike.

And now there’s a version that’s all about Miami. The folks at the New Tropic have developed Miami Against Humanity, adapting the famous game to the Magic City’s unique charms and epic fails. The game is part of the group’s Bar Games series, and everyone can play March 24 at R House Wynwood.

“My colleague Rebekah [Monson] had the idea one day when she had just finished playing Cards Against Humanity,” says the New Tropic’s Chris Sopher. “She thought, How can we do something cool and local that would be a fun experience for people?

The game, for those who haven’t had the pleasure of playing, is pretty simple. It involves black question cards and white answer cards. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers the question with his or her funniest white card.

In the words of its creators, “Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people.”

The game is under the Creative Commons license, which means it can be legally downloaded and added to or altered. That’s what gave birth to the New Tropic’s concept.

“We took their templates and asked people for submissions. What are terrible or hilarious things about Miami we could turn into [white] cards?” Sopher says. “We got a couple of hundred responses. We printed almost all of them except the ones that were openly and needlessly offensive.”

Answer cards include:
  • The bathroom at Churchill's Pub.
  • Turning on seat warmers when it's 60 degrees outside.
  • Waxing Pitbull's balls.
And so on.

They also created Miami-specific question prompts (black cards) and — voila — the game was born. The overall idea, Sopher explains, is to get people interacting. Everyone complains that it’s practically impossible to meet people in Miami, but the New Tropic is on a mission to make it easier.

“People just sort of form teams. They get a prompt with two or three blanks, and people would have to team up to provide answers. That way, they would come away meeting each other,” Sopher says.

The New Tropic brings out the deck for a series of events called Bar Games. The group’s first installment was last month, and the next is lined up for March 24 at R House Wynwood. The evening will include happy-hour specials and drink giveaways for the best cards.

“We wanted to make something light and interactive,” Sopher ays. “It really is about how people meet each other — a little bit of grist for people to interact around."

Submissions are still open, so Miamians are welcome to send their ideas for new white cards. You can also download the last set directly.

The New Tropic also hosts arts 'n' drafts nights, Q&A sessions with local leaders, and Downtown Recess, and it’s continually adding engaging events to its repertoire. The events are generally free (including the one March 24), though there are also some ticketed excursions.

Bar Games is scheduled for March 24 from 5 to 8 p.m. at R House Wynwood, 2727 NW Second Ave., Miami. Admission is free.

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