The Young and the Restless

Picture hundreds of hyper-active high schoolers, bumping and grinding to Timbaland and Lady Gaga. Does this sound like the most unpleasant social scene imaginable? If so, stay away from the 5th annual Party Gras at Club Mekka, where fully-developed but under-aged kids will congregate for a night of freaky-deaky dancing and feigned drunkenness.

However, if you go through a bottle of Axe body spray a week, this might be your scene. Roll up in Mom’s Prius and shake your booty. At Party Gras, you won’t have to lie about your age because this party is meant for the tween and teen set. So go crazy, pretend you’re crunk, and remember the night is young but you’re younger. How you kids manage to stay out that late past your curfew is your own business.
Sun., Feb. 14, 8 p.m., 2010
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Sean McCaughan