This is a pineapple. Not quite as sexy as UM Delta Gamma sorority sisters, but quite possibly just as lucrative.EXPAND
This is a pineapple. Not quite as sexy as UM Delta Gamma sorority sisters, but quite possibly just as lucrative.
Diego Camejo

The UM Delta Gamma Video Guy Is Back, and This Time He's Swimming With Sea Turtles

Do you remember that video of bikini-clad University of Miami Delta Gamma sorority sisters jumping off yachts a few weeks ago? You should. It topped the Facebook trending list for three days.

The man behind that video is back, but this time, there are no half-naked college girls. Instead, there's a nice pack of abs and some sea turtles.

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“Land of the Sea” is Artec Media's second wholly original production. If you're one of the company's 30,400 Twitter followers, you've likely seen the Barbadian vacation video GIFing up your tweet stream.

“The purpose is to help promote or get my music out there in an organic way,” says Artec Media's Diego Camejo, the 24-year-old filmmaker, producer, DJ, editor, and extreme sport fanatic who films, edits, and scores every video the production company makes. So far, he's done work with restaurants and tech companies beyond putting together lifestyle videos aimed at giving his musical creations a chance to get heard.

Camejo and his business managing partner began releasing videos on the Artec Media Twitter feed last summer and had a pretty good following on their own. Things exploded when his UM sorority girlfriend asked if he could make a recruitment video for Delta Gamma. With 1,835,892 views and counting, the response was nothing less than “absolutely insane,” the young producer says. 

“I did think it was going to draw a significant amount of action, but not the amount it did,” Camejo says. “The girls are very excited to have that type of video be associated with them. The new girls, they all love it, but I'm not sure of the number of girls [it's attracting to Delta Gamma]. I think maybe [it's increased] more the number of guys trying to apply to UM.”

The viral success has Camejo and his partner thinking of other ways to expand the Artec Media brand.

“We want to work with like-minded brands to collaborate on these videos and produce content that's streamlined with their goals,” he says. “We'll be able to create amazing content, produce original media, and distribute it through our very quickly growing and large social media platforms.”

Camejo says his inbox was flooded in the wake of the Delta Gamma video, so business is definitely booming. He has also been welcomed into the GoPro family, which means the mobile camera company hooks him up with gear and contacts to pursue his ultimate goal of working with extreme sport athletes.

Whether or not his music career takes off, Camejo does have a DJ residency at Wall on South Beach, and he does claim to nab 30 to 50 million views a month for his Twitter videos. He has clients lining up (thanks again to his sorority girlfriend), and he's taking trips to places such as Barbados and Mexico just so he can film himself jumping off cliffs. It's not a bad life. 

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