Study Shows Miami Dolphins Fans Are Most Likely to Have Sex on the First Date
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Study Shows Miami Dolphins Fans Are Most Likely to Have Sex on the First Date

You know how the old saying goes, if you can't beat em', have lots of sex with strangers to numb the pain. Well, that's not actually how the saying goes, but according to a study done by the dating site OkCupid, Miami Dolphins fans may be under the impression that this is a sound strategy. 

OkCupid asked 20,000 users who claimed alliance to an NFL team a series of questions, then filtered the subsequent answers into fields according to what team a user is a fan of. The dating site's scientists examined the data and made some compelling observations about Miami Dolphins.

When asked the question "Would you consider sleeping with someone on the first date?" Miami Dolphins fans clicked the "yes" box 51.13 percent more than any other teams' fans. The average fan answered "yes" 43.20 percent of the time, with Arizona Cardinals fans being the least likely (34.20 percent) to get it in on after a first date. 

Unsurprisingly — if you take into account all the sex Miami fans are apparently having — Dolphins fans also ranked as one of the least argumentative teams in the NFL. Just 20.5 percent of Dolphins fans answered "yes" when asked "Do you like to argue?ranking them 25th in the league. Minnesota Vikings fans most often answered "yes" at a rate of 28.21 percent. 

While finding out that Dolphins fans have a lot of sex and don't like to fight too much wasn't necessarily mind blowing, one result OkCupid came up with is indeed surprising. Dolphins fans rank towards the very bottom in the NFL when it comes to admitting to using marijuana. When asked "What's your relationship with marijuana?" Dolphins fans fessed up less than almost any team. Maybe that flawed the data, and all this means is Miami Dolphins fans aren't taking any chances until it's legalized.

Are you a cop, OkCupid? Stop asking so many questions. 

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