So You Think You Can Dance Finalist Tiffany Maher on the Show's Final Performances, Off-Screen Romances, and the Hot Tamale Train

See SYTYCD's Season Nine Girl Champion is From South Florida.

America's first real introduction to So You Think You Can Dance finalist Tiffany Maher was as the jazz dancer with brown wavy hair who wasn't Audrey Case during the top 20 reveal show in June. The 19-year-old Plantation hoofer flew so under the radar that judge Debbie Allen told her that she was "invisible for most of us" before announcing that Maher, "like a great racehorse, started pulling up from the rear" and made the show.

With that analogy in mind, perhaps Maher should change her nickname from "T-Maher-Star" to "Seabiscuit" -- because she made the SYTYCD season nine finale and has a one-in-two chance of winning America's favorite female dancer. (Only on this show is it a compliment to compare young women to "beasts" and "horses." Cultist doubts that would fly on The Bachelor).

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