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Seven Rom-Coms That Get Better Every Time You See Them

Romantic Comedies can be a lot like your romantic relationships. Some are great the first time out and make you certain that they'll be the "one" forever, only for you to find out on a second date or when you see it on DVD that they weren't all that wonderful. Others, however, might not have had that much impact at first sight, but they grow on you with each subsequent viewing.

And thanks to a lack of viable television programming options, besides reality television and sports, you often see the same movie repeated multiple times every weekend practically every weekend for all eternity. That's not always a bad thing, especially when they keep playing the following movies over and over and they keep getting better every time we see them.

7. Just Friends

Ryan Reynolds is now officially big time, what with a string of high

profile girlfriends and starring in the Green Lantern, but before he was

A-List he was the star of a relatively unknown movie about unfulfilled

high school romance given a second chance. The movie opens with Reynolds

singing "I Swear" in a fat suit and it just gets better from there. Anna

Faris is hilarious as a Britney Spears like superficial pop star intent

on bagging Reynolds.

6. Saving Silverman

This movie will make you remember why you love Jack Black, who plays a

chubby loser sidekick who turns out to be gay. Black, Steve Zahn, and

Jason Biggs play three high school friends whose relationship is

threatened when Amanda Peat hooks up with Biggs' character. They also

play in a Neil Diamond cover band. Enough said.

5. Tootsie

Dustin Hoffman's Eighties tranny comedy is filled with classic scenes

that only get better with multiple viewings. Hoffman's scenes with his agent played by Sidney Pollock are some of the best scenes ever, as is watching him fawn over Jessica Lange's character while in drag.

4. Hot Tub Time Machine

Calling this a romantic comedy might be a stretch but this movie makes

the list because it continues a tradition of movies with ridiculous plot

lines that are hilarious nonetheless. John Cusack channels his comedic

chops from Say Anything, Sixteen Candles and Weird Science but its Rob Corrdry is the actor who makes this movie funnier every time you see it as

a lovable loser who can't win the present or past.

3. Along Came Polly

This flick gets short shrift and unfairly so. The main characters are

played by Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston but again it's a supporting

role, this time played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, that is the best part

of the flick. Hoffman is a surly one-time child star still pedaling his

fame after its long past. Stiller's Irritable Bowel Syndrome scene in

Aniston's apartment on a first date is one of the best bathroom scenes

in the last decade.  Plus, it's the movie that introduced most of the

world to the classic phrase "shart."

2. Play It Again Sam

Before he went on got all cuddly with his step daughter (and not in a

good way), Woody Allen played the best neurotic nincompoop in love. Play

it Again Sam isn't often mentioned as one of his finest movies but

every time it comes on classic movie channels we can't help but enjoy

his bumbling love scenes with Diane Keaton, his best friends wife. The

fact that Humphrey Bogart's ghost keeps egging him on to try and be

tough and cool is as funny as it is silly.

1. When Harry Met Sally

Probably the number one romantic comedy of all time, the nuances of this

film's dialogue keep getting smarter every time you see it. The writing

is so good it actually makes you believe that Meg Ryan would fall for

Billy Crystal, who looks like white raisin. And then, of course, there

was this scene.

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