Rumor: Forever 21's New, Super-Sized Store Opens on Lincoln Road Friday

Forever 21, God's gift to chic chicks on a budget, is opening an utterly enormous (39,000 square feet, to be exact), two-story outpost on Lincoln Road this Friday, according to an employee we spoke to at the store on Wednesday night. (As if we could pack anything else into this week.)

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Um, can you say we're-so-excited-we-might-pee-our-pants-and-be-forced-to-go-shopping-for-new-pants-and-maybe-come-home-with-a-whole-new-wardrobe?

The corporate folks at Forever 21 haven't responded to our request for confirmation, but according to the employee we spoke to at the store last night, the South Beach store will have a soft opening Friday, and a grand opening will follow on Saturday, featuring a DJ.

We contacted Lincoln Road Mall for confirmation, but they couldn't confirm any details, either. A quick peek inside the new space, however, showed a store very close to completion.

The store has a cheap-o, tweenybopper rep, sure. But for those of us forced to live on a meager budget, Forever 21 is like a gift from the fashion gods. Six-dollar necklaces, $12 tops and $27 jackets make life worth living as a poor chick in this image-conscious city.

If the rumors are true, the opening comes just in time for Christmas -- not that we'll be shopping for anyone other than ourselves, of course. But at least we can stock up on cheap, stylish duds for the last couple days of Basel. Can't. Wait.

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