Mos Def Signs on for Dexter's Sixth Season

Dexter, the Showtime series that glorifies brutal murder in Miami, just may peak in its sixth season. Rumor has it that Mos Def just signed on a deal to play a reoccurring character. He's cast as a tough ex-con who's found religion but can't seem to extricate himself from a world of violence.

By now, it's a well-known fact that the Miami-based Showtime thriller is actually shot in Los Angeles with only a handful of 305 footage thrown in. The sixth season starts filming in June, a month after the Los Angeles-based Rock of Ages starts production in South Florida. Any one else think the two should just swap locales? Too bad the Miami film office has been empty since December.

Nonetheless, Mos Def is a huge "get" for the popular Dexter. His

thespian skills have been admired ever since he stepped into the

spotlight in the Broadway play Topdog/Underdog in 2002. Plus, the

hip-hopper/actor is #69 on the list Stuff White People Like.

Here's why he's ranked:

He is everything that white people dream about: authentic ("he's from

Brooklyn!"), funny ("he was on Chapelle show!"), artistic (have you

heard "Black on Both Sides?"), an actor ("he's in the new Gondry film!")

and not white ("I don't see race").

If you find yourself in a social situation where you are asked to list

your favorite actor or artist, you should always say Mos Def. This way

you can name someone that everyone has heard of and you don't look like

you are trying to one up anybody. The only possible negative consequence

is some white people might think "I wish I had said that first."

And the man has range. Here he is giving his best Super Mr. Superhero on Yo Gabba Gabba:

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