Miami Comedian Malik S. Jokes About M&M Bag Condoms at Miami Improv

It takes a skilled comedian to take a serious issue, flip it on its head, and make it funny. Take Malik S.'s joke about wearing any number of everyday objects, including M&M's and Doritos bags, to keep a woman from getting pregnant and avoid a new STD called child support. The native Miamian is known for stand-up that hits close to home.

Malik isn't new to the comedy circuit. After spending one year teaching, he jumped as fast as possible to comedy, getting his break in 1999 on BET's Comic View. He's also made appearances on HBO's Def Comedy Jam, Comedy Central Live, NBC's Last Comic Standing, and whole slew of programs where he's been able to display his trademark everyday humor. He's also known to hobnob with big names of black comedy like D. L. Hughley and Cedric The Entertainer.

Malik S will be appearing at the Miami Improv from August 9 through 12, so we asked him a few silly questions about Miami and his comedy.

Cultist: Where can you buy the best bud in Miami?
Malik S: I actually don't know because I don't smoke or drink. People find it hard to believe but it's true.

You're known for your personal "everyday comedy." Is there a line you won't cross?
Everything is on the table when it comes to comedy, but it has to be funny. You can get away with anything if it's funny. But there is also timing. You have to be mindful of time when it comes to certain things like death or tragedy.

"Uncle Luke" or an "Uncle Al"?
I grew up on both so it's hard to pick. They both made good house party music. I miss that good dancing safe music. Now soon as you turn the song on somebody getting shot. A rapper telling you how rich he is, how broke you are, but go buy his album.

I saw a YouTube clip of you doing standup at Club Gaby's Blue Magic, which looked like a predominantly black crowd. Your set seemed way heavier than other clips on YouTube. Do you have different sets for black crowds than white crowds?
No, I'm always me, never change. I just kinda go with the flow of the audience but I'm always myself.

What do you think is the funniest misunderstanding of Miami?
For some reason people who never been to Miami, think Miami is country.

Do you like doing comedy in Miami?
I love doing stand up in Miami because the crowds here are tough, so if you funny here, you'll be a beast on the road.

Coming Soon Tour featuring JJ & Malik S at Miami Improv (3390 Mary St.) runs from August 9 through 12. Tickets cost $15. Call 305-441-8200, or visit miamiimprov.com.

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