Miami Artist Tati Suarez Designs Sneakers for Reebok

Miami style is everywhere these days, from neon-hued everything to Brazilian bikinis. And now, Reebok has released a 305-styled shoe, designed by a local girl made good.

The sneaker giant hand-picked 12 artists to create some city-themed kicks, and Miami's own Tati Suarez was one of the lucky few. The only woman chosen by Reebok, Suarez is known for sketching creepy cum sexy, big-eyed beauties.

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Turquoise blue in hue and featuring South Florida's ever-present palm trees and appropriate neons, the shoes are oh-so-Miami. Reebok even showcased them, along with Suarez, via Instagram.

"My piece was primarily inspired by Miami's colors. Everything from the color spectrum of the evening sky, to the neon lights, turquoise ocean, and lush plant and wildlife, played a role in the design," Suarez said. "Collectively, the piece is a representation of Miami's warm tropical climate and cultural diversity. All these elements make Miami magical to me!"

Suarez's pieces are hard to miss, and have been featured in galleries and exhibitions from Venice, California, to Washington, D.C. -- and during Miami's Art Basel, too. "My work involves an appreciation and exploration of the juxtaposition between my curvy, doe-eyed pretties and their loathed critters," she describes.

The shoes are part of Reebok's City Classics collection, which highlights several metropolises including London, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Suarez got into the game through her connection with another artist.

"I was invited to participate in the project by fellow City Classic artist, Wane. We met while I painted my first mural [during] Basel of 2009. He contacted me last year about joining the project and representing Miami," Suarez told Cultist.

It's hot out there - but who wants to wait till winter to wear these sweet soles? Suarez offers a bit of fashion advice for anyone looking to wear 'em while the temps are high. "Keep it light, keep it cool. I think you can pair them up with almost anything!"

You can pick up a pair at Cool J's.

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