Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim: How to Win a Seat by the Runway

Pity the poor fashion-loving pleebs this weekend. As Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim rages on, collecting sexy celebrities, sexier bikinis, and super-ultra-sexy models in private functions from Thursday to Monday, most normal folks in Miami will have to make do with quick glimpses of fashion's one percent as they travel from runway to afterparty.

There's just one way to avoid this tragic fate. The charitable folks at MBFWS will let a few lucky Average Joes behind the velvet rope for free this year. Winners of a daily Twitter givaway can attend a runway show and take home a swag bag.

Think of it as Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket, granting you access to an exclusive world of pure imagination -- but with a lot more cleavage.

Starting today, @MBFashionWeek will tweet one question. If you're interested in winning entrance to one of that day's shows, simply tweet an answer back at them, being sure to use the required #MBFWSwim and #OneADays hashtags. Then, entice as many people as you can to retweet your response. The answer that gets the most retweets wins the prize.

As of 1 p.m., today's question hasn't yet been released, so you haven't lost any time. For the small psychic cost of helping sustain a viral marketing campaign, you could be welcomed into the severe, insincere embrace of the fashion elite. Even if those bitches are just going to turn around and talk shit about you when you're gone.

We kid, of course. Fashion week is fun, and fancy, and if you're like most people, this is probably your only chance to get into the exclusive shows. And if your name's not chosen? Take solace in these Fashion Week events open to normals like the rest of us.

For more on the contest, visit the One-A-Days' contest Facebook page.

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