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Meet the New "Mayor of Miami:" Lea Black

Our mamas always told us that patience is a virtue. Well, we officially believe them. After a bit of a boring season of Real Housewives of Miami, man, did things pick up during the live reunion last night? We mean, were we the only ones who were shocked? Every time Andy Cohen came back from commercial, he was ready to inform us that an almost physical altercation had broken out between two of the ladies. God, it was great. (Read our recap here.)

But before all that drama ensued, we got to see a different side of the

ladies Saturday night at the Lea & Roy Black's annual Black Gala. And,

lucky for us, they were dressed up and ready to talk. So, when we

caught up with the newest "Mayor of Miami," Lea Black, we asked her

about everything from her questionable clothing to her new hot bod

(anyone else notice a less weighty wife?).

New Times: You look thin! Have you been working out?

Lea Black: I have been working, mostly.

Last time I saw you, it was the night before the premiere. Are you more relaxed now that it's over?

No, because I am the clown and running the circus.

So, it's the night of your gala. Should we expect Cristy Rice tonight?

Well, she didn't RSVP. But I would love to have her show up.

A lot of housewives have charities, but don't seem to be too involved. You seem to run the whole show.

I was doing charities before it was cool to do charities. For 17 years, I say " I can't do this again," and then I see the little kids who we help and then I think, "I can't NOT do this again."

Pharrell and Pitbull are here tonight. I know you're a married lady, but if you had to choose: which one would you like?

Oh--that's a good one! I don't think this is an either/or world. I think you can have it all! I would be in the middle of both of them. I know them both personally, so I love them both in different ways. I would have to take them both together!

Let's get to Real Housewives. Your fashion were hot topics throughout the season. Were you surprised by that?

I think people took it too serious. I mean, I don't take it that seriously. I can dress up when I need to and I can dress crazy went I don't. It doesn't matter to me.

So, now that it's over, are you glad you did it?

I am ok with it, I mean, the fact that I did it. I learned a lot about a lot of people and I learned a lot about myself. I think it brings out the best and the worst of everybody. It showcased Miami in a magnificent way and I'm working on a really big project with someone I met through the show, so it will be worth any bullets I took for it.

What kind of feedback did you get from the show?

I got a lot of feedback! Everything from I'm fun to crazy to ridiculous and then there was, "Your fun to watch--do it again."

Would you do another season?

I hope they do it for Miami. I would be inclined to do it because, why not?

Are you nervous for the live reunion?

I just hope nobody bitch slaps me!

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