Meet Procatinator, Your New Favorite Time-Wasting Website

The Internet loves cats. The Internet loves random stuff. The Internet loves free music.

So it's only logical that when you put those things together, you'll have a sure success on your hands. And yes, online reader, Procatinator is a win -- especially for sad office drones working this holiday week. (Like, um, us.)

Procatinator is exactly what it sounds like: a cat-themed website built for the sole purpose of putting off whatever you have to do today. It pairs a full-screen GIF of a cat -- anything from some random feline attacking a TV to the uber-famous Grumpy Cat -- with a song, keeping your ears entertained while your eyes watch your sad furry friend get rained on over and over and over on loop.

Some of the pairings work better than others. Tanzen's "Tragic Error" paired with a freaky dancing cat makes total sense, for example, but the Jock Jam "I Like to Move It" paired with a similarly dancing cat seems, well, a little bit too easy.

The best one we've found so far? This delightful white kitteh wearing lettuce as a hat, chilling in the breeze as "The Lonely Shepherd" from the Kill Bill soundtrack plays in the background.

But hey, to each his own. And as this holiday week draws to a close, we're all in need of a little procatination. Your boss is on vacation until 2014 anyway, so go ahead and click on over.

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